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*This competition is now closed*

Recompose - Nyokabi Kariũki

After working with Alev Lenz and Marshall Vincent on previous iterations, we're back with our third Recompose competition. This time we're working with composer, performer and previous Recompose winner Nyokabi Kariũki, to celebrate her debut EP, 'peace places: kenyan memories', which was released on SA Recordings earlier this year.

We are asking you, the SA community, to submit your own compositions using the main motif from Nyokabi’s track ‘Equator song’. We are looking for interesting uses and interpretations of the arpeggio motif and are interested in how people create a composition with and around the motif in order to create their own ‘peace place’.

The motif can be heard at 0.16—0.21secs into the song here. Whilst not essential, if you would like to use the score for the motif it can be accessed here.

You are also encouraged to use your own field recordings, a practice that features heavily in ‘peace places: kenyan memories’.

A message from Nyokabi:

“I created ‘peace places: kenyan memories’ because imagining my ‘peace places’ during times of anxiety and emotional fatigue was a way to nurse and heal. The EP is filled with field recordings and other sonic images of memories from my time back home in Kenya: the feeling of touching a warm ocean (Galu), digging up vegetables with my grandmother (A Walk Through My Cũcũ’s Farm), feeding goats with my brother (Ngurumo, or Feeding Goats Mangoes), the touch of my very first piano (home piano), and lastly, a conversation between best friends at a place special to them (Naila’s Peace Place). In sharing these ‘peace places’, my hope is that you might be inspired to find and enter yours, too. What, or where, or who, helps you heal?

This Recompose invites you to share your ‘peace places’ with us, as openly, or even as enigmatically, as you’d like. More than anything, though, I hope that the process of imagining your ‘peace place’, and putting them into a world of sound, feels as remedying for you, as it did for me.”

Who are the judges

Our panel of judges this year are Nyokabi Kariũki, Alev Lenz, Damsel Elysium and the SA Recordings team. The panel will be selecting a winner and the two runners up.

What are we looking for?

Authentic, imaginative interpretations of the ‘Equator song’ arpeggio motif in order to create your own ‘peace place’.

Interesting use of your own field recordings.

Diverse perspectives on the theme ‘peace places’.

What’s the winners’ prize?

  • A bespoke animated video for your winning composition

  • A signed vinyl of 'peace places: kenyan memories'

  • Three SA Recordings sample libraries of your choice

  • The two runners up will receive a signed vinyl of 'peace places: kenyan memories' and one SA Recordings sample library of your choice

  • A year subscription to Music Hackspace worth £290

How do I enter?

This competition is now closed.

What are the rules?

  • Tracks should be no longer than 3 minutes long

  • Tracks must include your own interpretation of the arpeggio motif in 'Equator song' (the motif can be heard at 0.16-0.21 seconds into the track)

  • Field recordings are encouraged but not essential

  • Tracks can be with or without vocals

  • One entry per person

  • Entries must be submitted by 21st December 23:59 GMT

if you have any questions please contact

Listen to the Equator Song motif & download motif score here.

Listen to Equator Song here.

Terms & Conditions

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Limited Edition 12" available now.

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