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Flora Yin-Wong

Flora Yin-Wong


The London-born, Chinese-Malaysian producer, writer and DJ, works with field recordings, dissonance, and influences from contemporary club culture. Densely layering original samples - instruments (yangqin, gamelan reongs, etc) - with granular synthesis and electronic production. Besides contributions for labels Circadian Rhythms, Because and Danse Noire, she has performed from New York’s ISSUE Project Room to Somerset House.

Length of Residency:

1 month.


Mostly my debut album, a 10-track LP and field recordings, as well as a collaboration with Berlin-based artist Ausschuss who I was sending stems back and forth with, and also had Cam Deas come in for a improv session.


It provided me with a much needed physical and mental space to work on music, which I wouldn't have otherwise had access to in central London. The existing set up with a range of instruments in there also gave me inspiration and new materials to work with which was really helpful. The instruments such as the organ and piano were really fun to record some sounds with and I ended up making at least two tracks off them which was unexpected!

I think many artists like me may come from working class backgrounds, and whilst working part time cannot afford to have off-site studios outside of their homes. My home is also shared with my elderly mother and there is simply no space or privacy to make music which wouldn't affect her lifestyle too. Without it I would feel hard to stay motivated to keep working on music, especially in difficult times like through depression or writer's block. Having time allocated in a specific place, especially in such an esteemed company legitimises my work and feeling that I can do it. I am beyond thankful to have had access to them! Thank you and the whole team again!

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