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Kelora formed in Glasgow in 2016. They released their debut single 'BOY' as a music video on Youtube, which they shot and directed themselves at various locations in Glasgow and the west coast of Scotland, and which Dazed & Confused magazine later described as “One of the most abstract and striking music videos of the year.” They are known for cybertropic melancholia and software folk.

Length of Residency:

2 months


Being able to use the Studio at Spitfire Audio has been great for us. We've been working on some tracks for our first album and recorded a song that's coming out on a compilation.

Normally we record most of our music at home in our bedroom which is difficult as there isn't any soundproofing. Using the writing room has enabled us to record takes in a silent room and get access to some amazing equipment, like high end mics, which we could never afford or easily get access to. At SA we could go in with a target for the day and just work through it which is really difficult to do in the room where you sleep, especially during lockdown. We were really grateful to be able to go out and use a space to work, especially as we had to self isolate at the beginning of the year for almost a month. It's not been a good time for musicians and having this opportunity has made us feel more optimistic.

I'm amazed that an opportunity like this actually exists and I think it's so important that it does, as those with low incomes normally can't get to a studio to record music. The writing room provides a space that's ideal for any kind of musician and perfect for us as producer/singer songwriters.

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