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'Sparkling in Pieces' T-Shirt
SA Recordings
SA Recordings
Release Date
9 de febrer 2020

SA’s first limited edition run of 100 long sleeved t-shirts!

Designed by Berlin-based visual artist John-Michael and screen-printed by independent design and print studio Done London.

Both black and white t-shirts feature neon green and grey motifs on the front, back and right arm.

The text on the t-shirt is an experimental piece of prose refashioned from online instructions on how to take apart a clarinet.

‘Take it apart. Take ownership. Discover problems. Repair. Use your newfound confidence. Consider learning, sparkling in pieces. Shine like new. Move smoothly - a tiny pivot. Reverse. Take your time. Remove it again. Be patient. Don’t rush the chance of something accidental. Meet your instrument. Disassemble. Note: good. Metal is soft, sometimes misshapen. Go for the trickiest thing to deal with. Spring. Catch on, or even break off.

If you get cautious (out of place) - push or pull, spring with it. (be careful of the inner wires) if you’re comfortable. Run through. Wipe off. Slow down. Apply fresh. Use your favourite key of conflicting recommendations. Feel for a very long time. Be noisy. Get it on your hands. Take forever. Wash off. Re-engage. If you’re REALLY nervous, experiment on it. Some people recommend, but that’s up to you.’

Designed by John-Michael

Screen-printed by Done London

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