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Alev Lenz - 3
Alev Lenz
SA Recordings
Catalogue Number
Release Date
27 September 2019
  • Vinyl + Sample Library:

    • Alev Lenz - 3 Vinyl, Signed Vinyl

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    • + WAV / FLAC

    Verfügbar: 27 September 2019

We are proud to announce a first for SA Recordings and Spitfire Audio — a sample library made in conjunction with an artist’s album.

The '3' bundle features the Alev Lenz sample library, a signed 12 inch gatefold vinyl and digital album download.

'3' is Alev Lenz's third LP - a collection of twelve almost completely acapella songs exploring relationships, empowerment, motherhood, and the patriarchy.

‘3’ sees Alev distilling and extracting her voice - making it the focal point of the music. Alev’s vocal performance is joined on selected tracks by Grammy Award-winning vocal ensemble Roomful of Teeth, continuing an artistic relationship that began in 2018.

As a songwriter Alev Lenz has forged a distinctive, otherworldly and often eerie sonic landscape, leading to her songs finding placement in acclaimed dystopian Netflix dramas ‘Black Mirror’ & ‘Dark'.

The sample library ‘3’ is a collection of evolving drones, haunting vocals and textural beds made in collaboration with Alev Lenz. Discover 21 original patches bursting with invention, ideal for creating dark, cinematic trailer music and sound design, adding texture, suspense and beauty to your sonic landscapes.

Presented in Spitfire’s standalone plugin, “3" brings you Alev’s most distinctive sounds — synthesised, unravelled, stretched and manipulated to spark your creativity.

On purchase of the bundle you will receive instructions and a voucher code from SA Recordings to redeem your sample library.

Bundle customers will receive a sample library code via email within 48 hours.

Digitale Titelliste

  1. 1 Splendid Soldiers 5:19 Kaufen

    Splendid Soldiers

  2. 2 I Am Winter 3:14 Kaufen

    I Am Winter

  3. 3 Pieces 2:57 Kaufen
  4. 4 May The Angels 2:47 Kaufen

    May The Angels

  5. 5 The Chair 1:45 Kaufen

    The Chair

  6. 6 Cigarettes & Blow 3:37 Kaufen

    Cigarettes & Blow

  7. 7 Laura 1:45 Kaufen
  8. 8 The Runner 1:51 Kaufen

    The Runner

  9. 9 Fishermen 1:11 Kaufen


  10. 10 Aimee Mann 3:02 Kaufen

    Aimee Mann

  11. 11 It's Been A While 0:50 Kaufen

    It's Been A While

  12. 12 After Every Winter Must Come Spring 6:41 Kaufen

    After Every Winter Must Come Spring

  • Alev Lenz - 3

Alev Lenz

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