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Oliver Patrice Weder
SA Recordings
Catalogue Number
Release Date
1 November 2019
  • Vinyl + Sample Library:

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    Verfügbar: 1 November 2019

‘OPW’ is the debut album and bespoke sample library from musician and composer Oliver Patrice Weder. The album took shape across Europe between Switzerland, UK, Spain and Holland where Oliver spent time writing and recording. Though the album is melancholic in its context, rich arrangements of instruments - piano, Wurlitzer, cello, flugelhorn and drum machines through to spoon solos, occasional gritty synths and percussion bought in the Favelas in Rio de Janeiro - bring flavour and colour throughout, with players from the London Contemporary Orchestra adding experimental and contemporary strings.

Alongside the record Oliver has developed a beautifully rich sample library made up of a unique blend of instruments and percussive elements including Oliver’s prepared piano, a Wurlitzer 200A run through effects pedals, dreamy atmospheric swells and tempo-synced electronics.  Presented to you in Spitfire Audio’s standalone plugin, this library gives you an eclectic range of tools to enhance your music — some subtly treated, and some manipulated further to create unique sounds. 

The vinyl bundle includes a signed record.

The standalone sample library is also available to buy through Spitfire Audio

Bundle customers will receive a sample library code via email within 48 hours.

Digitale Titelliste

  1. 1 For a Troubled Mind 3:34 Kaufen

    For a Troubled Mind

  2. 2 Tulips 1:32 Kaufen
  3. 3 A Stones Throw 3:20 Kaufen

    A Stones Throw

  4. 4 Max 3:47 Kaufen
  5. 5 Hercules By The Ocean 4:09 Kaufen

    Hercules By The Ocean

  6. 6 Starchild 3:19 Kaufen


  7. 7 Notes 0:51 Kaufen
  8. 8 A Night in Santa Teresa 4:20 Kaufen

    A Night in Santa Teresa

  9. 9 Treehouse 2:33 Kaufen


  10. 10 Dear Friend 4:47 Kaufen

    Dear Friend

  11. 11 Sol's Lullaby 3:19 Kaufen

    Sol's Lullaby

  12. 12 Goodbye 3:25 Kaufen
  • Oliver Patrice Weder - OPW

  • Oliver Patrice Weder - Max

Oliver Patrice Weder

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