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Moyo Motivations
Mystic Moyo
SA Recordings
Catalogue Number
Release Date
27 aprile 2021

Forget what you thought you knew about meditation music; there’s no whale song or poetic lullabies here. Moyo Motivations is a brand new 7-track album that presents an immersive, invigorating approach to meditation that you won’t find anywhere else.

The album came into being through months of long-distance collaboration between two artists at the forefront of experimental events and contemporary music. Spiritual multi-hyphenate Mystic Moyo is not only a shaman, modern mystic and witch, but also the founder of Morning Gloryville, the global early morning dance movement and Alev Lenz is a Grammy-award nominated producer, singer-songwriter and composer.

Providing direct access to Mystic Moyo’s new-age healing from the comfort of home, each track features Mystic Moyo’s soul-examining spoken word meditations set against a bespoke and moving musical underscore composed by Alev Lenz. The result is an immersive series of transformational meditation aids, each designed to invigorate, rejuvenate and regenerate the mind, body and spirit. A sonic vaccine.

Moyo and Lenz were brought together by SA Recordings, as part of the Extra Curricular program, an initiative that seeks to create a space for pioneering and boundary-blurring collaborations between art forms. The project is a prime example of two artists from different countries finding space to unify and connect despite the polarisation of the pandemic.

Lista dei brani digitali

  1. 1 Afternoon Delight 4:03 Acquista

    Afternoon Delight

  2. 2 Chi Up! 4:55 Acquista

    Chi Up!

  3. 3 Held 5:53 Acquista


  4. 4 Wake Up Turned On 4:34 Acquista

    Wake Up Turned On

  5. 5 Free The Mums 3:53 Acquista

    Free The Mums

  6. 6 Body Positivity 4:57 Acquista

    Body Positivity

  7. 7 Burnout Remedy 4:43 Acquista

    Burnout Remedy

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