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The Hearing Experience
Various Artists
SA Recordings
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6 Julho 2022
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This year we launched a new conceptual single series: The Hearing Experience, a collection of single releases from artists including Lola de la Mata, Astrid Sonne, Damsel Elysium and Tara Clerkin Trio. The project presents sonic works from each artist exploring their relationship with the act of listening.

The four singles will be released monthly, starting with leading single ‘KOH - Klee - uh’ from conceptual sound artist Lola de la Mata. The series will be followed by a live event later on in the year.

Lola de la Mata is the first artist to present their sonic piece for the The Hearing Experience. Her practice encompasses sound art, compositions, workshop leading and multi-dimensional curations. ‘KOH - Klee - uh’, is from a wider project Lola is working on titled IUH ea(r) air which is based on her experiences with tinnitus, as a non-emitted sound phenomena. The piece was Lola’s first dive back into music after a medical break she had to take due to tinnitus. The wider project, which is still a work in progress, aims to create individual pieces based on different parts of the ear in relation to tinnitus.

Astrid Sonne's, 'How Far', is the second single from The Hearing Experience, a piece about listening to the inner voice. It aims to investigate an inner conversation with oneself; exploring its pace and time and the confusion and acceptance that comes with that. Astrid on the track: “I wanted to unfold how sound can feel bigger on the inside than on the outside. My initial idea was to record it with other singers but in the process I figured that I had to use my own voice in order for me to create a personal and intimate space”

The full release is out early July 2022.

Lista de Faixas Digitais

  1. 1 KOH - Klee - uh Lola de la Mata 6:46 Comprar

    KOH - Klee - uh

  2. 2 How Far Astrid Sonne 3:13 Comprar

    How Far

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