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Nok Cultural Ensemble
SA Recordings
Catalogue Number
Release Date
14 octubre 2022
  • Vinilo 1×LP


    Limited Edition 12" Vinyl

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    • A Limited Edition Run of 300
    • Standard Black Vinyl
    • Bespoke artwork by Williams Chechet

Nok Cultural Ensemble is a new project from Atyap (Nigerian-British) musician Edward Wakili-Hick (Sons of Kemet, Steam Down, Kokoroko), a fluid and evolving collective, which features an impressive line up of Edward’s collaborators including; Onome Edgeworth (Kokoroko), Joseph Deenmamode (Mo Kolours), Dwayne Kilvington (Wonky Logic), Theon Cross, Sulyiman (Afrorack), Watusi87 (RU1 Fam), Zarak (Blue Alchemy), Niyabja aka Simeline Jean-Baptiste (DJ Noss), David Wehinm (Omah Lay, Ezra Collective) and Angel Bat Dawid.

On the upcoming album Njhyi, the Nok Cultural Ensemble centres diverse Afro-diasporic percussive traditions. Glitching beats unfold on African timelines, expressed through free jazz sensibilities which extend the futuristic pulse of dub technologies.

The collective craft a visionary rhythmic continuum that tunes into living traditions stretching back to the ancient NOK civilisation, and reaches towards liberated futures. NCE foregrounds the diversity of black percussive music styles - from agbaja and apala, soca to bélé, sega, broken beat and beyond. In Wakili-Hick’s own words, they ‘celebrate percussion as a complete music’. Drawing on their own collective heritage - from Nigeria and Mauritius to St Kitt and the UK, the record platforms percussion ensembles as a vehicle for music making whilst centring afro-diasporic knowledge systems and cultures.

The project is the result of compositions, extended group improvisations where collaborators would reason about history and culture whilst experimenting with frequency and time. The relationships at the heart of NCE have been built over the years, coming up through the Tomorrow’s Warriors organisation, Sons of Kemet, Steam Down, Kokoroko and London’s jazz adjacent producer scenes.

Alongside the release of the album, NCE have partnered with Spitfire Audio to release‘ Tape Percussion’, a sample library made at the legendary Ariwa Studios.

Lista de pistas digitales

  1. 1 Njhyi 3:06 Comprar


  2. 2 Awakening ft Theon Cross 6:18 Comprar

    Awakening ft Theon Cross

  3. 3 Sang Awun 3:21 Comprar

    Sang Awun

  4. 4 Ancestral Visions 4:00 Comprar

    Ancestral Visions

  5. 5 Enlightenment vol. 2 ft Angel Bat Dawid 2:52 Comprar

    Enlightenment vol. 2 ft Angel Bat Dawid

  6. 6 Lyet 3:37 Comprar


  7. 7 Kyangma ft Simeline and Sulyiman 5:39 Comprar

    Kyangma ft Simeline and Sulyiman

  8. 8 Y.T.T.T. 5:04 Comprar


  9. 9 Maroon Step ft Watusi87 2:47 Comprar

    Maroon Step ft Watusi87

  10. 10 Nietatangwat 3:08 Comprar


  11. 11 Communal Healing 1:13 Comprar

    Communal Healing

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