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SPARK - Alev Lenz - Winner Announce:

We would like to say a huge thank you to all of the composers who took part in the first ever SPARK competition. We hope that everyone who took part enjoyed delving deep into the Alev Lenz '3' sample library and we were impressed at the depth and variety of the entries.

Amongst almost one hundred incredible submissions the following three pieces stood out for their creative and original use of the '3' sample library.

WINNER: Brian Spooner - Midnight March

I was especially taken by how the track has its own story while it still breathes the library. What you can hear sounds like the whole library was shattered like a mirror and all the little shards where put back together to form a completely new picture, one that resembles the initial art but is still totally novel. I hear light reflecting off of something entirely original.

RUNNER-UP: Dorothy Shrödinger - The Emperor's New Mind

I really liked this composition using the library as a production tool! It provides a carefully constructed tapestry as a backdrop to the song and weaves in and out, especially my vocal samples, in such an endearing way.

RUNNER-UP: Thibault Quillet - Spark

You can hear the library shine through so delicately in this track. It doesn’t just stay on the surface of sound. Instead it takes us deeper and deeper into the story being told, painting a striking image with bold, dark brushstrokes.

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